Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tie Onesie's and Baby Quilt

My amazing Husband just bought me a sewing machine for my birthday!  I am so excited to add this skill to my endless list of hobbies!  Here is My very first Project, A baby boys striped rag quilt, with matching onesies.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Lemons to Lemonade

"when LIFE gives you lemons, make LEMONADE"
I had time to put a little thought and effort into my church lesson today.  I made these hand outs for our 9 year olds primary class.  I thought they turned out really cute and just wanted to share. :)
If you want the download for the sayings and recipe's go HERE  I just printed them off put them on yellow cardstock and tied it to a lemon wrapped in saran wrap.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Childrens Growth Chart

Wow! ok, my daughter is almost 1!!!  I need to make a growth chart ASAP!  here is some images I have found for inspiration.

image found here
image; here

 image; here

image; here


Hand Printed Easter Eggs

My friend Victoria did this with her little baby for Easter, and I just thought it was the most aDorAble thing!  I wish I had thought of that this year!
Even if you eat the eggs you'll still have this picture to remember the moments, and how small her hands were compared to eggs!

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Canvas Panels wall art

OK so remember my post here.  Well this was so easy and inexpensive to create I just went ahead and did it. probally didn't cost me more than 8 dollars total!
supplies I used:  ~11x14 canvas panels comes in a three pack at joanns
~blue paint *note, this paint dries darker
~3 5x10's pictures of seashells I took *printed at costco for $1.40
~spray glue
~glue gun
 I mixed blue paint with white paint that I already had til it matched the color of other blue items in my room. The paint did dry a little darker though. you might have better luck just buying the exact color.

While I was out shopping for supplies I found this cute frame at dollar tree, matched my room perfectly! Also I had an old white frame I painted this color to match my room. I'll post that soon.
Because these panels are so thin I just hot glued some ribbon to the back and hung them on a small nail.  you could also stream the ribbon longer so when you hang it you actually see the ribbon.
Here is the final project completed! I'm temporarily hanging them above my bed til I get what I want made to go there.  Thanks Jeanne Winters for such a great idea!

It's a girl thing!

The whole reason I started this blog at all was to store my ideas, and that idea came from my oh so crafty cousin TARA Her blog is "It's A Girl Thing"

She is so talented and I wish I had her creativity and skills.  Also she designed her Blog herself and it is SOOO adorable, I only wish I had the time to create that cute of a blog.  Eventually...maybe....

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Palm Leaves

We are wanting a big black and white picture in our front room over the couch.  I found these decals HERE  I thought that might be a good idea. 
I Also like the Three pictures put together to make an image idea.
I took this image which would be interesting blown up.  I really like to display pictures that I have taken over buying someone elses images, It really personalizes the home.
Ok enough Bloging! I need to go Shopping! I plan on hitting up the dollar store and Joann's, maybe Michaels too!  I hope I find everything so I can just complete my projects already!

Beach Inspired

I have been going a little crazy lately looking for more things to adorn my BARE walls in my bedroom.  
I found this cute picture display at Jeanne Winters blog.  Even though she used this for a playroom, it matches our bedroom great and i still have 4 walls to do something with.

Also I took my daughter to the beach last week and scouted out ideas for photos.  I got this Great shot of a lifegaurd tower I still need to photoshop and then I'm planning on blowing it up on canvas and hanging it above my bed.
I thought of a really cute photo idea for my daughters bathroom too. On the beach + bright green umbrella(matches bathroom colors) + naked baby = Beach BUM!  I have the image in my head what I want it to turn out like, I just need to get my husband to the beach with us so i can attempt to pull off this photoshoot.  Can't wait!

I've been featured!

It's fun to know that people like the ideas I have come up with or are discovering.  And I love hearing your thoughts and ideas as well.  Erika over Crafters A.D.D.  has featured my photo wall on her site.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Family Photo Wall

Minus some pictures and maybe painting the wall, my Family photo wall is completed.  Here is my drawing of how i wanted it to turn out.

But since my measurements were off and I didn't want to custom make my frames this is what I ended up going with.
I found the Family frame at Target and the side frames were 50% off at Joanns this week.   If I had a little more space on both sides I would have added 8x10's.
I Love how clean the arrangement looks.  The Blog DIY Showoff , has lots of ideas for different arrangements HERE. That got my juices flowing and I can't wait to arrange a couple more of my walls that are lacking.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Support Handmade

I am all about supporting businesses that handmake all their things. I'm in LOVE with Etsy.com, I'm always on their looking for cute little dresses for Kailah that I would never be able to find and target or the childrens place etc...  Here is a new company that makes headbands I am loving right now. I wish I knew how to make these myself, but sometimes its just easier to buy them from people who know what they are doing!  Thanks Megan for introducing me to Little Penelope Lane.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Spoon Display

Yes I collect SPOONS. Dorky I know, but everytime I go someplace I always have to pick one up. actually i've been slacking a little bit in my last trips.  It's a reminder of the places I have been and it gets me excited for the places I eventually will go. problem is....displaying spoons can be so tacky therefore all my beloved spoons are sitting in a box down in my garage collecting dust.
So Im determined to find a way to display my collection in a tastefull way. it's going to be in the kitchen since that's where they will look best.  I found this really cute idea on THIS BLOG
I never though of actually just glueing my spoons onto something and I love that it has a saying. I think my theme will be more travel and not coffee, but this is GREAT!

Beachy Pic Display

I like this beachy picture display. It would look good in our bedroom.
photo: West Elm

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Blanket Basket

I love this Blanket Basket  I found over at Shanty2Chic. I too have a blanket basket in my front room, but it does NOT look like this! Its actually kind of an eye sore at the moment. Looks like I have a blanket basket to makeover!

Monday, February 22, 2010

polkadot cake

Ok, I found the cake recipe for the party. Thanks J stansbakery :) This is going to be a project

1st birthday planning

I was talking with my sister about what theme i should do for My daughters 1st bday and she made me realize that turning 1 is the theme!!!  enough said. with that I have decided I am going to use the colors lime green, hotpink, yellow, and coral  and I want everythingto be polka dots!

while searching the internet for ideas and i come across the website polkadots & pirates.  I love her ideas and it has totally inspired me!  She actually will make these decorations for you. so if I end up running out of time to make some myself I will definately be contacting her. 

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Finished Felt Pillow

Ok I finished the felt pillow i posted about here.
I decided to go with white which probally was a bad idea cause it will get dirty quiclkly, but it matches our front room.
I will say that this pillow took FoReVeR! Sooo... If your gonna attempt to make this, make sure you REALLY  love it!
here's how mine turned out;

I'm not loving it, but i have to give myself credit cause besides a class in junior high i have never taken a sewing class and my husband was the one who had to thread the string on the sewing machine for me, that's how little i know! haha!  I also think i used way too many circles!  oh well! were still using it in our front room, i just need to figure out how to wash it now!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Canvas Art

I have been wanting to blow up some family pictures and put them on canvas for a while now. So as soon as I get some decent pics done and some extra $$$$ I am doing 3 big pics for our bedroom.

 while i was looking for canvas images I came across a couple more ideas that would be fun to make.

I love everything you can do on canvas

 This is a fun idea.

I made these 2 pieces of wall art last year and I still love them.
for Kailah's room:
and the bathroom:

I bought the 12x12 canvas' at a art warehouse in westminster, ca that sells canvas' wholesale. we got 12 for $30.  then bought some paint and printed off stensils from our computer that we created ourselves to trace on the canvas and paint over. 

baby-to-Big girl!

Make your little baby's crib bedding....

....Into BIG girl bedding

I saw this a while ago and just remembered that when Kai grows out of her bedding set I am going to want to keep it and convert it into a comforter. What a great Idea! It's So Very Cheri has the tutorial.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I HEART Shadow Boxes

I am so excited about all the fun things your can do with shadow boxes!  I have so many ideas.   Here is an absolutely beautiful Shadow Box from The Mama Dramalogues